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Projects From Past Issues

November, 2017 Issue Captain's Telescope
October, 2017 Issue Halloween Hobby Horse
September, 2017 Issue Fairy Party
August, 2017 Issue Rainy-Day Umbrella
July, 2017 Issue Chaise Lounge
June, 2017 Issue Ice Skate Plaque
May, 2017 Issue Tiffany-Style Lamp
April, 2017 Issue Table Lamp
March, 2017 Issue Candy Bars with Container
February, 2017 Issue Pencils & Holder
January, 2017 Issue Mini Brushes
December, 2016 Issue Milk and Cookies
November, 2016 Issue Antique Washboard
October, 2016 Issue Bacon & Griddle
September, 2016 Issue Decorative Bookends
August, 2016 Issue Maracas & Rainmaker
July, 2016 Issue Casual Footwear
June, 2016 Issue Baby Play Toy
May, 2016 Issue Miniature Potted Plant
April, 2016 Issue Latin Conga Drums
March, 2016 Issue Twine Rope Kindling Basket
February, 2016 Issue Patio Set
January, 2016 Issue Vanity Stool
December, 2015 Issue Pet Bed
November, 2015 Issue Beach Bag
October, 2015 Issue Witch's Hat
September, 2015 Issue Lamp Shade
August, 2015 Issue Ironing Board
July, 2015 Issue Tote Bags from Tubes
June, 2015 Issue Long Table
May, 2015 Issue Sitting Bench
April, 2015 Issue Colonial-style Fireplace
March, 2015 Issue Overnight Bag
February, 2015 Issue Swiveling Wall
January, 2015 Issue Faux Stained Glass
Kids' Corner January 2018

January Project


Build a Roombox

Make roomboxes using prepackaged materials and ordinary household items. You can make a single unit or create several and stack them for a dollhouse.

Kids' Corner December 2017

December Project


Holiday Wreath

Make a wreath for Christmas to dress up your dollhouse or roombox! You can also make an appropriate wreath for Easter, Halloween or other holidays. Wreaths are a great way to use up extra beads.

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